The Object Browser

Probably one of the most useful tools in the VB Editor in Office applications, the Object Browser can be accessed by pressing f2 (Ctrl+Cmd+B in Mac Excel) or using View – Object Browser from the menu.

This tool provides a searchable listing of all the available objects, methods, properties, events, enums etc. for the object libraries you have loaded in the current project. It is a great way of finding out what is available as well as the syntax required to use a given object/method/property/event.

Learn to use it – you won’t regret it!

One of the most useful tools in the VBE

One of the most useful tools in the VBE

9 thoughts on “The Object Browser

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    • Rory Archibald says:

      It depends. If you have Office 2016, the Object Browser isn’t available (currently anyway) – the VB Editor is still extremely limited in this version. If you have Office 2011, you press Cmd+Ctrl+B or just use View – Object Browser.

      • XLhckr says:

        Thanks – I have been searching in vein. I seriously, really seriously HATE Mac Office 2016. How the f*#% is it possible that MS can screw up Office this badly. The product is truly terrible. I presume this is an attempt to line up Office 365 offering with the offline version, but they really seriously have sacrificed a powerful poweruser product on this altar. Stupid move! The people in charge should have studied the Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by the late Professor Carlo M. Cipolla.

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks so much. But if I’ve just bought a mac and want to learn some basic VBA, but I only have this new version of office, does that mean I can’t?

    • romperstomper says:

      You can but it certainly won’t be easy. There are quite a few differences between VBA in Mac Office versus Windows Office but not too many references (though you should definitely look at Ron de Bruin’s site: for Mac tips)
      Unfortunately I don’t know of any Mac-specific VBA books and online help is, in my opinion, pretty much useless at the moment. I’d suggest getting a book on Excel VBA (any by Bill Jelen/Tracy Syrstad, or John Walkenbach for starters) and then learning to workaround the quirks of Mac VBA.
      If you have an Office 365 subscription, I believe you can call up Microsoft Customer Support and ask them how to get hold of Office 2011 instead of 2016 if you want – though this may depend on which version of OSX you have, I can’t recall. The VB Editor is getting better (slowly) in 2016 but it’s still got a long way to go!

  3. Robb Thomson says:

    I have Mac (Capitan) and Excel for mac 14.6.8. The command Cmd Ctrl B does not work and the browser is not in the View dropdown box. Has the object browser been eliminated from this version?

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