Excel 365, Evaluate, and the Type Mismatch error

If you have a version of Excel that no longer requires you to array enter array formulas by using Ctrl+Shift+Enter, you may discover an unexpected side effect if you write code that uses Evaluate with a formula containing one or more ROW() or COLUMN() worksheet functions. Any such code will now always return an array, even if the result is just one value.

Power Pivot for all! Well, sort of.

Many of you will have seen the recent UserVoice update about Power Pivot, which is, of course, good news – if somewhat late, as some others have commented already.

However, that announcement seems a little misleading to me, based on what I’ve been told: it is only coming to the subscription versions of Office (i.e. Office 365) and the forthcoming Office 2019. So if you have a 2013, or non-subscription 2016, SKU which doesn’t already have Power Pivot, you’re not going to get it. It pretty much goes without saying that there will be no change for Mac Office users. Still, at least you’re no worse off!