Office Update breaks ActiveX controls

UPDATE: 10 March 2015: Microsoft have now released fixes for this!

For Excel 2007 click here.

For Excel 2010 click here.

For Office 2013 click here. (note there doesn’t appear to be a separate Excel patch)


Note: I have not actually been able to verify whether these patches work, but some early reports suggest they don’t work for everyone (perhaps for the same reason that the fixes below didn’t).

I am also unsure at this time as to whether Office 2003 was affected, but have not seen any mention of a patch if it was.


Update: 15 Dec 2014: There is now an MSKB article about this problem with suggested solutions and a FixIt tool here: KB3025036.


It seems that a recent Office update (Tuesday 9th Dec) has broken ActiveX controls on worksheets. The symptoms include (but are probably not limited to):

  • Being unable to use or change properties of any active controls on worksheets
  • Error messages saying “Can’t insert object”
  • Error 438 when trying to refer to an activex control as a member of a worksheet in code

To fix it, do this:

  1. Close all Office applications.
  2. Do a search in Windows Explorer – make sure to include hidden and system files and folders – for *.exd files (note: that’s not *.exe !!) and delete any you find.
    Make sure you get these:
  3. Reboot the computer (this is not always necessary, but probably better safe than sorry)
  4. Restart your Office apps and test the controls again.

Please note that the .exd files will be recreated when you next use a workbook with an embedded active control – this is quite normal and should not cause you a problem!

Hopefully that will resolve the problem for you. 🙂


Note: if you are having problems locating the .exd files, you can press Win+R to open the Run box, enter %temp% and press Enter. That should open explorer to the Temp folder and you then need to look in the Excel8.0 and VBE folders for the .exd files. (if your issue is with a program other than Excel, look for the folder related to that application – e.g. Word8.0)


Update: 11-Dec: It seems that for a few cases so far, this solution doesn’t resolve the issue. I will post back if and when I discover a solution for those cases too, though simply uninstalling the update mentioned at the beginning of this post may be a solution until a fix is released.

Trust me, Microsoft is aware that this is an issue – see their blog post here.


Update: 12 Dec 2014: I have seen mentions that if none of the above fixes the issue in Office 2013, removing this update may work:


171 thoughts on “Office Update breaks ActiveX controls

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    • Phil Rossini says:

      None of these solutions worked for me. I have Excel 2013 but in checking my installed updates I don’t even have this Excel update. I do have a bunch of other office updates since I still use Outlook 2007, but no Excel updates.

    • Transporteraccident says:

      FYI: The March 10th updates do not appear to eliminate this problem.

      We’ve fully patched all computers and ensured that the March 10th updates have been installed. In each case, users cannot insert ActiveX controls when using Excel. We have even revisited the *.exd file workaround and this does not help either.

      We’re at our wits end Microsoft…

      • romperstomper says:

        Thanks – I’ve seen quite a few reports that the fix doesn’t work, and have passed it along. Though I should add that it does work for a lot of people too.

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  7. Henry Veldman says:

    The files were dated 2012, so should the update that broke it, getting fixed with another update?
    In my case, the problem is in many spreadsheets on many computers. Even worse, most users are nervous about deleting files like that.

    • romperstomper says:

      The .exd files are temp files and will be recreated as needed when you start the relevant Office application the next time.

  8. JManson says:

    Wow – thank you SO MUCH for posting this. We only wasted half a day trying to figure out what was wrong – and this solution fixed the problem straight away (!)

    For the record, we only found and deleted the following single file:


    Back to work 🙂

  9. HMabdi says:

    Thanks for this solution.
    I just want to highlight that I needed to permanently delete these files, if they are still in the Recycle Bin they will be restored when Excel is opened again and you will still face the same issues. However, I delete them permanently and the problem was solved. (maybe I’m only stating the obvious)

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    • romperstomper says:

      They are aware and working on it as we speak – see the link to the Technet blog I have added to the end of this post. Fingers crossed it will come sooner rather than later!

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    • f watkin says:

      Removing old %temp%…exds also did not solve the ActiveX problems that this introduced. The Windows update caused all my workbooks with controls to fail.

      For the record I have Windows 7 with Excel 2010 SP2 (14.0.7140.5002 x64) AND Excel 2013 (15.4667.1002 x64)
      They both stopped recognizing ActiveX controls. The ONLY way to fix it for me was to REMOVE KB2553154 (I did not have KB2726958). The lower one is associated with Office 2010, but removing fixed them both.

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  15. Arne says:

    Thanks a lot for the fix. Took me some hours to finally get here …
    For the german affected Excel users some keywords to hopefully get here:
    – commandbutton funktioniert nicht
    – commandbutton nicht anklickbar
    – commandbutton keine reaktion
    – commandbutton Tabelle Eigenschaften
    – commandbutton merkwürdiges verhalten
    – commandbutton Objekt nicht gefunden

    and the english version of above:
    – commandbutton not working
    – commandbutton not clickable
    – commandbutton no reaction
    – commandbutton strange behaviour
    – commandbutton sheet properties
    – commandbutton object not found

  16. says:

    Thanks. I´ve lost the whole day of yesterday trying to solve this and worse than that the office came to a stand still as we all depend on the same Workbook for currrent operations. By the end of the day found your suggestion which unfortunatelly did not work. I´m in the process of reassigning all the macros to new buttons, a time consuming exercise. Microsoft should have more consideration for their clients and not put out updates not throuughly tested. Unfortunatelly I can’t find alternative software to deal with workbooks otherwise would have swithched long ago. I find Office 265 the buggiest ever. None of the previous problems long debated in the forums has been solved while others have been created.

  17. Ken Cowen says:

    My issues today seem to be file specific rather than machine or user issues. I was able to get users functional again yesterday by deleting the .exd files on their computers; but, today I have specific files, with the exact same symptoms as described above, and those files are problematic on computers with 2007 and 2010, even ones that never had the problem. Is there a file specific fix available?

      • Ken Cowen says:

        I am using Excel 2007 and I could not find any .exd files. Also, I was not having any problems on my computer. I am getting files from clients that don’t work anymore; and they do not work on my computer. The clients were able to delete extraneous .exd files yesterday and get running again – except for certain workbooks.
        Just a few minutes ago, I opened and old 2007 file that had not been touched for over a year, on my window 7 machine with Excel 2007 and it has all the problems attributed to the recent patches.

        I am having a bad day.

        • Ken Cowen says:

          Okay, today I had the .exd files, in window 7 and Excel 2007. I did not have them yesterday, and I did not have any problems yesterday. I have not done any updates. Could those files have come with the broken client file that I received? I deleted the .exd files and now my client file works and so do some other files that seemed to have broken about the time I opened the client file. This is still a bad day.

          • romperstomper says:

            If you didn’t already have the .exd files, they would be created the first time you opened a workbook containing activex controls. (this is actually normal behaviour). Are you sure that no updates have occurred on your machine since yesterday?

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  22. Yi says:

    I tried to remove the MSForms.exd files with VBA but that required Excel to be closed. However, I was able to find a workaround by renaming the the MSForms.exd files in VBA. So I’ve put together a one-click Excel solution that renames the MSForms.exd files, which also can fix the issue. This should be helpful to those who are having difficulties locating the MSForms.exd files in the hidden AppData Folder.

    I’ve also posted the VBA code, so Excel developers can insert the code into the spreadsheets they are distributing.

    It’s not a prefect solution, but it gets the job done for now.

    Microsoft 12/9/2014 Update Breaks ActiveX Controls Fix


  23. John Oddo says:

    Thank you very much. I was right in the middle of a big consulting job when my Excel spreadsheet stopped working. I would have never figured this out on my own. Thanks again.

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  30. Dan says:

    Thank you. What started as a very difficult, aggravating problem was resolved quickly by your simple solution. You’re my hero. 🙂

  31. Martin Cowan says:

    I was able to locate two copies of MSForms.exd, just using the normal global search function in Windows (the window key plus F), one associated with Excel8.9 and the other with Word8.0. On another computer, there was a third copy associated with PP. Deleting them solved the 99% of the problem. There is still a glitch when creating a new command button–it always starts with commandbutton21, rather than commandbutton1, but I can live with this until MicroSoft gets its act together.

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  34. Brian Haw says:

    I was running Windows 8.1 and Office 10 (32 bit) and deleting the MSFORMS.exd file in temp corrected the problem. I then updated to Office 13 (64 bit) and the problem came back. I then tried deleting the MSFORMS.exd file and it didn’t correct the problem. All my updates are up to date.

    My windows 7 laptop with Office 10 has been repaired and works fine now with the deleting MSFORMS.exd fix.

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  37. Tracy says:

    Possible variation: compile a workbook on a system with the update. Open same workbook on a system without the update. Buttons do not work, may get 32809 error. Solution: compile and reopen workbook on 2nd system.

    Rory – I can’t tell what fields are what for these comments.. FF and IE.

    • romperstomper says:

      Hi Tracy

      Hmm, so I see. Will look at that when I have a moment (I don’t normally get a lot of comments so it’s never been a big deal!)

  38. says:

    Yes this works fine.But İf you edit a project that’s made in uptaded office and then try to use it not uptaded office than you have problem.My excel project which my company uses every day now is not working half of our computers and i’m about to get crazy.Any help in the matter will be appericiated.

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  40. says:

    I thought it is more involved but it is simple. When Excel opens it creates MSForum.exd (MS version). As long as we rename it before running excel. We don’t want MS MSforum.exd, we want our own and it works. Couple reboots seem to hold our custom settings. Thanks for the hints.

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  42. Lindsay says:

    I have experienced the same issues as you all, and it is a pain.
    I have had problems with my files not working when I send it to different computers.
    It worked fine on mine (with the update and fix), but did not work with a computer without the update.
    Also when sending to a 2013 installed computer, all the slicers seem to change and mess with the pivot tables. Is this to do with the update or is there an issue when using a 2010 excel book on a 2013 excel.
    These problems confuse issues. !!

  43. Boudt says:

    I use Excel97 on a W8.1 machine (yeah, it’s weird, I know). No Office updates here, but still quite similar problems: simple macro code is executed, but on calling a form Excel crashes (I’ll post the error log in a reply). Reinstalling Excel and system recovery weren’t both of any help.
    The strange thing is: with me the problems started on Dec 9th, where the Office update mentioned here came Dec 10th. I’ve tried uninstalling Windows updates which came in November, but this didn’t help either.
    Question: is this Microsoft change part of a W8.1 update? Can you tell me which one? Thanks for helping!

    • Boudt says:

      Here is the Problem signature (keywords in Dutch):

      Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: BEX
      Naam van de toepassing: EXCEL.EXE
      Versie van toepassing:
      Tijdstempel van toepassing: 32b0d09e
      Naam van foutmodule: StackHash_aeca
      Versie van foutmodule:
      Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 00000000
      Uitzonderingsmarge: PCH_9E_FROM_ntdll+0x0003CEEC
      Uitzonderingscode: c0000005
      Uitzonderingsgegevens: 00000008
      Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.3.9600.
      Landinstelling-id: 1043
      Aanvullende informatie 1: aeca
      Aanvullende informatie 2: aeca907265c4b042ef2459b377175aa8
      Aanvullende informatie 3: f11d
      Aanvullende informatie 4: f11de824c7832f8b45fe54a2406056bf

      Gebeurtenisnaam = eventname, toepassing = application, foutmodule = faultmodule. I guess this will give a clue… Thanks for giving some advice!

    • romperstomper says:

      I don’t think this is the same issue, and unfortunately I do not have Office 97 to test with (I’m not sure if it’s officially listed as compatible with Win8 and, of course, you are well outside the official support window). Have you looked for any deleted the .exd files anyway to see if it helps?

      • Boudt says:

        Yes, I’ve removed the .exd files, but that didn’t help either. The macros ands forms did work well (I use them daily) untill Dec 9th, that’s why I suppose it’s a related issue.
        What makes you think it’s not the same issue? And do you know of any related Windows updates? Thanks for answering!

        • romperstomper says:

          1. your problem occurred before the updates were released.
          2. As far as I know, there was no update that should have affected a system using only Office 97.
          3. The updates don’t affect userforms, as far as I am aware.

          Also you mentioned that system restore didn’t help. I’m afraid I don’t know of any related Windows updates – but were any installed on Dec 8/9th, or did you install any new programs?

          • Boudt says:

            Thanks for your reply. I did install another program (video application) but did uninstall it afterwards and did perform a system recovery back to a date before the installation and both didn’t help. Therefore I concluded it must have something to do with a windows update. Reinstallation of Office97 didn’t work either. Any other ideas perhaps?

          • romperstomper says:

            A system restore should undo any changes made by windows updates. I’m afraid I’m not sure what else to suggest at this point. Does the problem occur with any file that has a userform in it?

          • Boudt says:

            That’s right, macros with only code in it are no problem at all, but when I activate one by clicking on a commandbutton Excel crashes (not by calling it with a keyboard shortcut such as ctrl+t). And calling a userform crashes Excel too. Has something to do with ActiveX I guess, but I’m not familiar with that stuff. Does this ring a (new) bell to you perhaps?

          • romperstomper says:

            Does it work if you use a Forms button to run a macro, rather than ActiveX? If so, that would suggest an issue with the MSForms library (fm20.dll) which would in turn suggest an issue with an update, even though you said there hadn’t been any. How sure are you that no updates were run just prior to this issue?

          • Boudt says:

            I’ve tried calling the macro by formbutton and by keyboard shortcut, in both ways Excel crashes instantly with the problemsignature I posted. First command in the macro is the frm.Show command, on which Excel obviously crashes. Before Dec 9th no problems with this.
            With Office97 no updates here of course. Windows updates: I’ve tried some updates I installed between Nov 12th and Dec 10th: KB 3000850, KB 3011780 and KB 3014442. After uninstalling these (one at a time) nothing changed in the situation, so I reinstalled them.
            What I didn’t mention before: I’ve also performed the SFC.exe /scannow and DISM to eliminate corrupt system files. No solution from this either. Would a corrupt FM20.dll be repaired by SFC or DISM? Filedate is Oct 2003, version 11.0.5709…

          • romperstomper says:

            I’m afraid I have no idea. You would need to raise a support call with Microsoft. If it is a bug, or related to a security patch, they won’t charge you for it.

  44. Thomas Gram says:

    I have removed the updates, deleted the *.exd files. Now the ActiveX objects Work Again, but now I get VBA errorcode 32809 when executing VBA code. Whats wrong?

    • romperstomper says:

      Have a look at Tracy’s earlier comment – you may need to compile the workbook (in the VBEditor, click Debug – Compile) again to resolve the error.

      • Jon says:

        I was having the same issue. I did a recompile, save, close, re-open. this fixed the issue. HOWEVER, once someone else on another PC opens and saves the file, I would have the same issue again… As most files are shared among our team, this “fix” is becoming routine practice everytime I open a file… Hope Microsoft resolves this update issue quickly!

  45. Soman says:

    We use MS office 2010 on windows 7, after installing latest updates (9th-Dec) all of sudden we couldn’t click on any Active-X controls (on all excels). Thanks heaps, removed .exd files from temp folder, after re-boot, all Active-X controls working perfectly fine.


  46. Ross says:

    I rand this fix last week on some of our affected PCs, however now the excel files saved by those people are throwing up run time 32809 errors for those that were not affected.
    Any suggestions?

  47. David Fabian says:

    After you run an Excel workbook that contains ActiveX controls (FM20.DLL) on a machine that has KB2726958, the workbook gets updated (internally) so that it will no longer run on machines that do not have KB2726958. To make the updated workbook run on another machine, you must install KB2726958 and delete EXD files. To delete EXD files, run CMD.EXE with either elevated rights or as an admin, and then at the command prompt, type these two commands (without quotes and with your actual personal folder name): “CD/D C:\Users\MyFolder\” and “DEL /S /A *.EXD”.

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  50. Allen says:

    I recently ran into the problem with ActiveX command buttons not working after I installed the December Office 2010 Office update. I was able to fix this for most users by deleting the .exd files and rebooting/restarting Excel.

    Today another one of my clients started to experience another problem that I think is related. When they open the file, a workbook open macro checks a value in a particular worksheet cell and sets the caption on one of the ActiveX command buttons based on that value. When the macro executes the line of code to re-set the caption, it throws the error message “Runtime error 32809. Application-defined or object-defined error.”

    If I then select any of the ActiveX command buttons and show properties, the name of each has been reset to the default names (i.e. CommandButton3). Because the names of the command buttons are being lost, the macro code that tries to access and change the caption of one of the buttons causes the crash. If I then try to rename the command buttons to the correct name, I get a message “Ambiguous name detected: button name”.

    So, somehow the name of each ActiveX command button is being lost, but the workbook somehow remembers that a button with that name exists.


    When I open the exact same file on my other laptop (a Mac running Office 2010 under Parallels), I do not get the error.

    Any ideas how to fix this? I have repeatedly deleted the .exd files, emptied the trash, rebooted, and restarted Excel 2010.

    • romperstomper says:

      This issue, as best I can tell, arises when one machine has had the updates applied and the other hasn’t. Something stored in the workbook regarding the activex controls causes strange errors (often on code unrelated to ActiveX – I saw a workbook yesterday where the compiler had an issue with ‘Option Explicit’!). The only reliable fix so far seems to be ensuring that the machines that use it either all have or all don’t have the patches applied.
      If you do have an ongoing problem, you should be able to raise a support case with Microsoft without charge – they will probably take some payment details first but I am assured that there will not be any charge for issues that are related to security or bug fixes, and this is both. Having more cases that highlight the problems might assist in getting a reliable fix too.

      • Bryan says:

        I am having the EXACT same problem with my ActiveX controls being renamed by Excel. This is SO frustrating and is costing me huge time (since I have to revert to an older “unbroken” version and redo work that I already completed). Was the reason and a fix ever found? Thanks!

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  52. codemonkey says:

    Damn, that was driving me crazy!
    Deleting the MSForms.exd file in …Temp\Excel8.0\… and …Temp\VBE\… fixed the problem for me. Did not need to do a full reboot, just restarted Excel and now everything is working fine!

  53. JLJ says:

    Thank you so much!!!! I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Your solution fixed the problem. I really really appreciate your great instructions and thanks for posting this….

  54. Prem says:

    I am facing this issue in Citrix Environment. I dont have access to the local drive to delete those temp file. Is there anyother solution to ignore this issue?

  55. MLT says:

    I’m hoping this may help someone if they are still having issues. I read through the responses trying to find a fix what I have had. I didn’t see the issue I discribe below so that is why I’m writing. I initially fixed my systems with either the MS Fixit or the process above and all was great until yesterday when users started having issues again. I found that even after removing all EXD files again nothing would allow the ActiveX command buttons work. I went as far as creating a new user logging in and tried to created a command button and got the Object could not be created. This really caused a big problem because it isn’t the user that was affected it was the entire computer. I uninstalled the security patch KB2553154 everything started working again! Yay, but I now don’t have the patch so instead of leaving it there I re-installed the patch and even though it creates the command button with 21 instead of 1 I can live with that because it is working finally after hours of messing with it. I’ve tested all the files so hopefully it stays fixed. “Fingers Crossed”

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  57. David S says:

    I made a spreadsheet for work on my home computer which automatically installed KB2553154. This spreadsheet now does not work on my work computer because it does not have the update and could be a while before it get’s it. So, to make it work today, I tried to remove the update from my home computer, remove all *.EXD files, reboot computer and open the spreadsheet. Now it gives me the same error as my work computer! I re-installed KB2553154 on my home computer and all is well. How do I make the spreadsheet work on a computer that does not have KB2553154 installed?

    • Rory Archibald says:

      As far as I can tell from what I’m seeing in forums and newsgroups, to successfully share a file between computers, they must all have the update and fix applied, or all not have it. Once the file has been used on a computer with the updates, it seems to be unusable on computers without it – you have to recreate any sheets that had activex controls on them.

      • Sathishkumar says:

        Pls give me solution for below issue. I stuck with issue,
        Macro code built with ActiveX controls(button) in excel 2013. Working fine in same PC. but I sent to any one. if 2013, then working fine. if 2010 or lower, macro not working. Macro settings everything fine. Other files working with macro. Only problem in built by 2013.

  58. Bill says:

    The MSForms.exd file in the Excel8.0 Temp folder was the culprit for me. I’m back up and running by removing just this one file. Thanks so much!

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  62. Shady Mohsen says:

    WOW, it really works like magic. Thanks a lot. I and my manager had this problem at work at the same period, so I think it was really related to office updates. The problem was in MSForms.exd. Thanks a gain for the simplified demonstration.

    Shady Mohsen

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  64. Sathishkumar M says:

    Pls give me solution for below issue. I stuck with issue,
    Macro code built with ActiveX controls(button) in excel 2013. Working fine in same PC. but I sent to any one. if 2013, then working fine. if 2010 or lower, macro not working. Macro settings everything fine. Other files working with macro. Only problem in built by 2013.

  65. vijayalaxmi says:

    The above solution is worked for some machines, but for some other machine its not working. we are facing same ‘unexpected error 32809 ‘error.
    Both machines are windows 8 and 64 bit excel.

    can you please tell me how to resolve the issue.

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  67. Steve Kokk says:

    Great fix thanks, but the related issues popping up between patched machines an non patched machines is proving a nightmare for us. We have about 150 individual centres using pay spreadsheets using VBA. Some work some don’t. Turning out to be a real nightmare. Thanks a lot Microsoft. What the hell were you thinking. I think we need a virus checker for any Microsoft patches due to the issues they cause.

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  72. Paul says:

    I just started having this problem today 3/12/2015 on my Windows XP machine with Microsoft Office XP (Excel 2002). Yes, I know I shouldn’t be using an unsupported OS and an old version of Office but since I have other computers I wasn’t too worried.

    Anyway, I assumed that I haven’t been getting auto-updates on this PC since last year so I am not sure what caused the problem to appear today. None of the MS updates mentioned in this thread (KB3025036, KB2920734, KB2726958, KB2553154, KB2553154, etc.) were applied. I tried all of the suggestions including deleting the Temp .exd files.

    Since I knew things were working OK yesterday, I did a System Restore back a couple of days. Problem solved, for now anyway!

    • Paul says:

      Follow up: to make sure I wasn’t getting any auto-updates I changed the Windows XP security settings to “Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them”. Lo and behold the next day I had an “Updates are ready for your computer” message in the system tray. I’ll bet one of these had created the problem for me:

      KB2984939 Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites
      KB2956106 Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Service Pack
      KB2956107 Security Update for Microsoft Office Compatibility Service Pack
      KB2920794 Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites

      • Don says:

        My culprit was KB2920794, try reinstalling that update to see if you can reproduce the problem. Once verified, you can back it out and blacklist that update.

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  75. Markus says:

    Very interesting:
    I experienced locked Active-X-Controls in Excel 2003 and not in parralelly installed Excel 2013 on the same computer. On two of my customers pcs they are locked in excel 2010 respectively 2013. I even have one couriosity: One Excel Sheet with two active-x Combo-Boxes: one locked, one available and functioning. Wired!
    I exported the original xls file to a .xlsm file and viewed the xml data. I could only find a reference to msforms, comboBox with no difference between the two???
    After about three hours of investigations, i found no solution this time.

    Help! Microsoft drives me crazy.

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  77. Robert says:

    Removing KB2553154 and deleting the *.exd does not fix the issue on Office 2010 on Windows 64bit. I have not found a solution other than upgrading to Office 2013.

  78. Dave Unger says:

    I appreciate all the fixes suggested here, they did help me get xl2010 and xl2003 working on my Win XP cpu, and xl2010 on my Win 7 cpu.
    But I cannot get Excel 2003 to work on my Win 7 cpu, any ideas?

  79. i4b says:

    Just got Excel 2003 back to working normally on Windows 7 after deleting the *.exd files and then uninstalling update KB974554.

  80. i4b says:

    Just got Excel 2003 back to working normally on Windows 7 after deleting the *.exd files and then uninstalling update KB974554.


    after uninstalling update KB2920794 (update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites)

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  82. Richard Knight says:

    I’m running Excel 2010 (32-bit) and having a problem with my macros after the security update.
    I tried applying the KB2956142 patch but was getting an error along the lines of ‘wrong software version found’ which was highly annoying.

    Anyway, I followed the steps to deleted the .exd files (to be honest I only found one in this directory – C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\MSForms.exd) and rebooted my machine.

    Checked my macro sheets and they are working again now. So thank you very much for the pointers 🙂

    One happy chappy right here.
    R. Knight

  83. Vengadesh says:

    I am getting “unexpected error 32809” on clicking of activex controls on my excel file. I tried removing “*.exd” files still the errors are coming.
    Can you help me how to remove the recent updates from the microsoft which is causing this problems

  84. Peta says:

    Just want to warn those Office 2003 and Office 2010 (both installed on same computer) users like me. Don’t install the KB2920813 and the recently released KB2965291. They both caused the ActiveX control feature malfunction to Excel.
    I’ve finally cloned the HDD then uninstalled the Windows Update one by one to investigate which was the root cause.

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