Office for iPad is here!

Official page on the Microsoft site here.

My first impressions are, sadly, non-existent as it, of course, requires iOS 7 and I still have the first generation iPad. 🙁

Comments I can make are:

  • It requires an Office 365 subscription to allow editing/creating files, otherwise it’s just a viewer (and hardly the first of those).
  • There is no VBA support. (but at least it doesn’t remove or mangle any existing VBA in a file)
  • You can’t update external data links – so that rules out a lot of dashboards.
  • It looks pretty good from the screenshots I’ve seen and has fairly good desktop compatibility. See, for example, teylyn’s blog posting here
  • Bill Jelen has a good review of what does and doesn’t work here.

If I can ever pry my wife’s iPad away from her, I will try and review it properly. 🙂 Or, of course, it may be the excuse I need for an iPad Air…


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