Worksheet (VBComponent) properties

Today’s post was prompted by Mr. William Benson on the Excel-L developer list who noticed that the EnableCalculation property of a worksheet was resetting to True when the workbook was reopened. I mentioned that it was one of the properties that do not persist when the workbook is closed, which naturally begged the question: which ones do persist?

After some brief experimentation, it would appear that these ones do persist:


whereas all others are reset.
Here’s a simple table of the properties, their default values and persistence:

Excel 2010

1 Property Default Value Persistent
2 DisplayPagebreaks FALSE No
3 DisplayRightToLeft FALSE Yes
4 EnableAutofilter FALSE No
5 EnableCalculation TRUE No
6 EnableFormatConditionsCalculation TRUE No
7 EnableOutlining FALSE No
8 EnablePivotTable FALSE No
9 EnableSelection 0 – xlNoRestrictions Yes
10 Name Sheet1 Yes
11 ScrollArea No
12 StandardWidth 8.43 Yes
13 Visible -1 – xlSheetVisible Yes

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